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My Reading Notes : How To Be A Productivity Ninja

  I have read some kind of books about productivity. Many books often explain productivity as   time management, goal achievement, building habits, and so on. But, this time I got new insights from Graham Allcott’s book which offers a radical tips of productivity. Let’s dive in what is inside. Graham said time management is dead. It’s often taught that good time management is the key to productivity, success, and happiness. There are thousands of books on time management said that we have to prioritize the right things, start the day with a list and do from most important. It sound so easy and perfect, doesn’t it? But as time goes flies, the game changed. We now live in age where connection and information overload. We are bombarded with a lot of information from many different sources such as our smartphone, tv, and so on. In the old time management books, dealing with a new input is simple enough. However this time, it can be distracting to us. Eventually, we will never get thing