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My Reading Notes : Storytelling with Data

  When I was learning about big data world, I found an interesting article. It told about data visualization techniques like never before. Afterwards, I got book’s recommendation about techniques behind data storytelling written by Cole Nussbaumer. Soon, I searched the book on the online store and I got one. Storytelling with Data by Cole Naussbaumer Knaflic. The book   is very organized and it has a beautiful insight. The writer specializes in the effective display of quantitative information and writes the popular blog She has experiences on the Google People Analytics and so on. What I got from this book is how to deal with visualizing data. It’s not just we serve visualization at all. However, we design a good visualization and show the insight from it. Sounds easy right?   But I think no, bad graphs are everywhere. Most people don’t know how to serve a good summary of data. In school, we learn a lot about language and math. On the language side, we