My Reading Notes : How To Enjoy Your Life and Your Job


I found one of interesting books by Dale Carnegie in the BBW event. At that time, I was wondering Dale Carnegie’s book with the title “How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job”. Then, I bought one and figured out that this book was summary collections from Dale Carnegie’s two best sellers, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”.

I would say this book is great to improve our attitude toward our job. This means that our attitude can determine whether our days are filled with excitement and the sense of fulfillment – or frustration, boredom, and fatigue. This is why some people feel exhausted but they did nothing.

Therefore, this book tells about how to deal with our job including habit, doing task, and handling people. However, I’d like to note on how to banish boredom and start living peacefully with happiness toward our job.

1. Find yourself and be yourself

We are unique in this world with such abilities, so let’s not waste worrying because we are not like the others. Be glad of it. We can paint only what we are. We must be what our experiences, our environment, and out heredity have made us. Then, we must cultivate our own little garden. Just be yourself.

2. Build good working habits

Small things mean everything. Most of our attitude are responses from our habits. Dale Carnegie gives four habits that will help prevent fatigue and worry, they are - clear our desk of all papers except those relating to problem, - do things in the order of their importance, - when you face a problem then solve it,  - and learn to organize, deputize and worry.

3.  Figure out what makes you tired

Joseph E. Barmack published a report of his experiments, showing how boredom produces fatigue. From his experiments showed that the blood pressure of the body and the consumption of oxygen actually decrease when people are bored, and the whole metabolism picks up immediately as soon as they begin to feel interest and pleasure in their work. Because of that our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration, and resentment. So, figure out what makes you bored.

4. Count your blessing not troubles

No matter how much troubles that we have, don’t worry we have much more blessing than troubles. Stop worrying and start living. Just do the very best you can.

To me that’s the important notes. Following Dale Carnegie is an adventure in self-discovery and it could be a turning point in our life. All we need now is the determination to uncover our self.

By Miftahul Arifin


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