Prepare Your SELF!

Just about a few months left, I would graduate from this senior high school, MAN Insan Cendekia Serpong, 12 years education school will be passed. I think time is running so fast, I remember when I was child just a few years ago and now I was seventeen and would be adult. I’ve ever thought that I want to be a child forever but that’s impossible. I just do what I can do.

Okay, after senior high school I must apply to college and this is the start that I must reach my dream. I found my passion on engineering because I like creating something and I like physics. So, I would take majors such as Electrical Engineering, Machine Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation, or Applied Physics. I hope someday what I learn I can apply to Indonesia and build Indonesia for better future.

After senior high school actually I want to study abroad and the country that I really what is japan, I like its technology, its nature and its culture. I know that Indonesia has beautiful culture and nature too but I want to feel different environment. After I deeply thought it is better that I study undergraduate school in Indonesia first and then I study abroad on graduate school. Yeah I think I need build networking to each other and I need to find what Indonesia needs to repair.

OK, my first obsession is STEI ITB ( Faculty of Electrical and Informatics Engineering of ITB), that’s what I really want since junior high school. And then FTMD ITB, there are two ways to apply both of them SNMPTN and SBMPTN. SNMPTN is from the value of report semester one until five and other, just one month left the fifth semester would has done, I have to study effectively and efficiently to get my report rising from semester to semester.

And then my second plan after ITB is UGM and UI. The major is same, I would take Electrical Engineering or Machine Engineering. In these choices, I would take independent test in each university, such as SIMAK UI and UTUL UGM. I hope from all of my plans I could pass one of them.

As I told that my first obsession is ITB, if I pass another university. I would strive to achieve Mobukagakusho scholarship. This scholarship is from Japan’s government.
So, I start to study hard from now to achieve all of my dreams. Study effectively and efficiently.



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