What I’ve Got After Learning New Language for 50 Consecutive Days

Learning new language is exciting. However, for some people it's quite difficult to acquire new language, maybe just like me. I've spent learning English since elementary school, but I just felt quite fluent when I was in college.

A few months ago, I challenged myself to start learning new language and I chose Deutsch or Germany. If you asked me, indeed German is great country that I would like to stay in . Yeah maybe someday. The other reason, German is country where the third president of Indonesia Prof BJ Habibie studying about airplane. He's awesome and I learn a lot from his life.

Then my goal is simple. I have to spent about 10-15 minutes a day learning German by Duolingo app. This app provides several topics about daily life. In each topic I have to choose the right answer, fill the blank, and pronounce some sentences. Eventually, I have been doing this until now for 50 consecutive days and here's I got.

Learning new language is challenging for me. I can't acquire new language as fast as polyglot or something else but at least I've tried. It seems to me that the method worked for me is the power of consistency.

As a result, I have got some basic grammar such as article, dative, nominative, passive, and so on. And also I have learnt about seven hundreds different words. To me that's huge words to remember but not all of these words I have mastered but probably the words that I knew. The most difficult thing is learning the German word articles. Like Arabic, German words have gender such as masculine, feminine, and neutral. However, the article gender could be changed based on nominative, dative, accusative, or genitive. That's why probably German isn't easy to learn.

Now, I've got something to be my evaluation. I'd like to take into account that learning new language must be like when we are a kid. I mean I had better to imitate and apply every new words that I've got. Hence, learning new language can't be like in old school system that the teacher explained grammar in front of class then we just wrote down in paper. I think it won't work but learning new language must be active. For instance, I have to speak and write by simple word then the difficult one. So, I would like to continue this challenge and improve my method to be more active writing and speaking in Germany for the next 3 months.

What's next challenge? I consider to self-taught learn 3D Modelling for 1 hour every day in a month. See my challenge result in next month.

Alles klar, danke!

source gambar: pexels.com


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