What I Got After Learning Blender 3D Modelling for One Month

Last month, I challenged myself to learn 3D modelling using Blender, an open source 3D software. Then I want to share what I got after learning Blender for one month every day. 3D modelling stuffs are quite new for me. However, I tried to learn by myself using whatever resources where I found. The picture on above is my first final render of my first 3D model. I would say making donut is like “Hello World” in the programming world.

Before starting my challenge, I set up daily target learning blender for one hour in each day. Then I noted the specific time which I used one hour before I started working from 7 AM to 8 AM. So roughly in one month I have spent about 30 hours for learning 3 modelling. I think spending one hour in a day isn’t quite difficult, but I want to start by small and just to see my next progress.

Then, all of my learning materials are from Youtube tutorial such as Blender Guru, Polygon Runaway, and Grant Abbitt. I prefer those tutorials due to explaining the process with much better commentary. For the first model, I followed Blender Guru’s donut tutorials step by step. I think that’s kind of best tutorial for blender beginner like me. Here’s my render progress from following donut tutorials with modified. I spent about one week with one hour each day. My background isn’t art or design, so I just follow whatever on my intuition.

In dount’s model I learnt much about the tools and techniques of blender. There were a bunch of methods that I could use. After finishing the donut model, I got much techniques such as modelling, sculpting, shading, coloring, lighting, and so on. However, I think that’s just a surface of modelling techniques.

The next model I tried to build low poly design which I followed from Youtube. I am interested in low poly design because it’s much simpler and low memory consumption. When I was making donut model, I got stuck on my program due to the memory consumption reached two giga bytes, and that’s so much big to handle by my laptop. So instead, in case of learning I prefer to learn low poly model. Here’s my final render.

Then, the final model on my challenge was building a hut from another tutorials too. I think this is the most difficult due to much of components that I made. It’s just simpler model than the tutorial model. Here’s what I made.


For conclusion, I got much of stuffs after finishing my challenge. I believe everyone can do what they want. But not everyone may persist their consistency. To achieve our goal, we have to maintain our progress even small progress. Big success always starts by small steps, and I believe that. And not only doing our task or job, but we have to maintain it everyday from our commitment. Just always do our best.

I think I’d like to continue learning 3D modelling just for fun. See you for next challenge. And what about you?


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