How to Acquire a New Language Effectively


Recently, I watched a fascinating video about the secrets of learning a new language by Lydia Machova. Well I got a new insight about how polyglot could acquire new languages quickly. For instance Lydia said that she could master a new language in two years. Brilliant! I was wondering how could it be?

Firstly learning a new language is about process just like the other learning. Basically without enjoying the process then learning is no longer fun. For instance when we were in childhood, we kept learning many things such how to eat, walk, run, and so on. Moreover, we frequently made mistakes when we were learning some basics. Similarly, learning a new language is about enjoying the process. I would say that we should draw in our mind that learning a new language is much fun by creating whatever amazing imaginations. For instance we could create imaginations such as travelling around the world and speaking to native with the language which we have learned.

Secondly finding out an effective methods.  I believe that everyone has a unique style of learning. Instead of figuring out the effective one by ourselves, we could take into account the method of someone who has mastered in languages.  Probably it would be working. However, it is all about the process, we could pick some methods and try to implement then evaluate the result. Well some methods which is worked to me are daily self-speaking, writing daily notes, and daily learning through Duolingo.

Thirdly about system. Creating a learning system in our daily life is a great deal to maintain for the long term. However, it would be difficult in the beginning but it would be worth if we could build a sustainable system. Moreover, it means that we build learning habits into our daily activities such as what time do you plan for learning in each day, what is your goal, and what method do you  use. Not to mention, the evaluation of our system is also important. Furthermore, we could set up evaluation in each week or month to see how much far the progress.

Finally patience. It is the key of learning anything especially learning a language.  As I mention earlier, learning is about process. However, we couldn’t acquire a new language is one night but it is like a building block. We need to maintain our process to create a new block and hopefully in the future it would be plenty of things that we have learned. Being patience could keep us enjoying the learning process little by little.

Keep learning!


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