2021: The Year of Exploration


2020 was a remarkable year for me. I got my first job which I didn’t expect before as Software Developer. When I was child, I wanted be a scientist since I love math a lot. However, time by time I got plenty of new experiences which I could know myself better.

In 2020, I tried to find my true passion. Well then I got a new light which I believe probably it would be my future path. But, future is flexible, challenging, and unpredictable. As a matter of it, I would say that my ultimate goal should be general but impactful for instance bringing happiness to people around. It’s general but when I got older obviously I got new experiences which probably make new opportunities or perspectives. That’s why every goal in a year, five years, or decades should be based on my ultimate goal.

Moreover, 2020 was a life changing year for most of people due to pandemic covid-19. As we know, people struggle to change their behaviour for social distancing and working from home. Well to my mind, there are many of benefits and drawbacks because of pandemic. I would say from my experience, working from home could increase my productivity since I could spend less time especially in traffic then I could be more focus. However, some people probably feel more stress due to boredom or unmanageable work life balance. But I believe that the future is working from home and we don’t always need an office.

2020 was the year of relentless contribution and  in my mind contribution is limitless. It was just started and there is still long journey. I have started some of start-ups with my teams. Hopefully, it could bring an impact especially for the society. But I believe as well that small things could be contribution such as spreading good information through social media, supporting social acts, and so on.

I hope 2021 would be the year of exploration. I have got my goals and the big why of my life. But I still needs a lot of experiences to prove myself. Exploration itself could be passion, self-exploration, and many things. The goal is I would like to enlarge my experiences, find new perspective, and figure out myself. For instance, I believe that if we want to know our true passion then we should do a lot of different things.

Hopefully, 2021 would be a better year for all of the people. Apparently we have learned a lot especially from the pandemic and crisis. I believe there are more challenges in the future. We don’t know what will happen in the next year. We have to be ready if something happens and we should get out from our comfort zones.

See you 2020, hello 2021!


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