2019: The Year of Self-Reformation

miftahul arifin

2018 was year of self actualization in college’s daily life. I have graduated from Rumah Kepemimpinan after two years of training. And this 2018 year I have achieved the top-level organization management in Gamais. Many of experiences and new things that I have. But also, many unexpected stories that I have to face.

In this 2018 year, I have learnt a lot about how to engage people and collaborate together. In my opinion, there are two important things to make collaboration with others, it's about vision and communication. The vision will bring every people in one goal. This goal isn’t ordinary goal but the biggest goal that we want to do together. After it’s clear, then defining the goal until the activities what we must do. From my experience, the hardest thing is how to deliver the leader’s vision to every people until they want to collaborate together.

Then, the second is communication. I believe that everyone are uniques especially their characters. I cannot judge someone with my character’s frame. Someone’s character have strength’s side and also weakness’s side. The most important thing that I can do is how to communicate and manage other people by inside character of them. We don’t need to question to much about the weaknesses but we must optimize the strengths of team members to achieve our goal together.

A few days left, the 2019 year will be coming. This 2019 will be my self-reformation year because I will face my last semester in college and then face post-college world. So, before I face the true world I have to prepare many things such as ruhiyah’s improvement, skill development, syariah knowledge improvement, and starting business.

One of my confusing things is about we have modern technology especially in information and communication, but we face degradation of moral in human societies. I remember what Rasulullah SAW told about the era of fitnah and moral degradation. When we face that era, the things that must keep every time are only Al-Qur’an and Sunnah. The 2019 I want to prepare it all and I must be ready to face it all.



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