2020: The Year of Relentless Contribution

2019 was the year of self reformation through my habits and vision of life. Within 2019 year, I have finished sixteen years study from elementary school until undergraduate degree. Hence, it’s time for myself contributing to the society from knowledge that I have got, from about two hundreds of books that I have read, and from experiences that I have learned. However it’s not enough at all, my journey has just begun and I think there will be a lot of new challenges that must be overcome.

2019 was the year that I have built at least some habits to be a better person. Through this habits, I hope I will be a little by little closer achieving my goals. I believe every success starts by small step. Not just a small step, but something iterative small steps and being consistent. Throughout iterative small steps, we can achieve big impact someday. Hence, 2020 will be my year to optimize my whole life by building an effective system of my daily basis.

And also 2020 will be my year to begin a building block for my relentless contribution. I have my own definition about contribution where I have to unleash and maximize my potential for giving something best to people around me, for society, and more over. For instance as an engineer I have to give the best that I can with my knowledge, skill, and potential. So, contribution means I have to maximize all that I have for giving an impact as a social being, a creation of God, a leader and maybe as a husband.

I have managed my focus into four aspects for unleashing my potential. Each aspects has several goals. The first one is actualization career which my focus to contribute in profession. I have to know my biggest passion and give the best that I can. So, my biggest passion for the future profession is contributing for development digital revolution in AI and Big Data. Second is financial career, I think it’s important planning my financial needs for my future. It’s like how we manage money such as saving our money or investing in real and financial assets. Financial career is my focus to manage my financial freedom. For this financial career, I have started to invest in stock and learn the mindset of value investing. The third is social career, we are social being. We are born and grown from society. I have a responsible to giving back and build society to be better. And within this social career, I have managed my focus to contribute in society. My focus in social career is contributing in literacy and education. The last is akhirat (after life) career, as a creation and a servant of God, we have some missions as human and I have managed what I have to achieve for the mission. In this after life career, I would like to be ahlul qur’an by memorizing, understanding, and implementing qur’an in my entire life.

By managing some focuses in my life, I can distinguish activities which is worthy or worthless to achieve my goal. I call it a system that will keep my self on the track. However, there is no perfect system maybe there will be some evaluation to make my system better. I don’t really strict to the result, however I give my best attention to the process. Yeah, we don’t know the time that we will die. Instead of achieving perfect result, I choose to be a person who giving the best that I can through the process.              


  1. keep your spirit.., All is well that ends well


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